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Home Life

Do you enjoy Serving Others?  This is the place for you, if you do!

Our goal in the 2018-2020 Term is to truly get out and serve others in the community.  

We would like to put together a committee made up of Active Members and Booster Members.  These members would work together, outside of general monthly meetings doing things such as arranging meals for Workers on a Habitat for Humanity Project, solicit donations for bras designed and modeled at the Bras for a cause event each year, Conduct an essential oils class or even put together a couponing class for the community or other clubs.  

As we do more in the community, this page will fill up with project dates, pictures and other valuable information.


If you are interested in joining as an active member or a booster member, on this committee, please send an email to and we will be happy to get you plugged in. 

Bras for a Cause 2017

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